Get Lost In Your Own Backyard

When you’re making your way to a familiar place, have you ever considered turning left instead of right? Transitioning from routine to adventure? You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to feed your wanderlust. Try getting lost in your own city.

In psychogeography, the term dérive (French for “drift”) is an unplanned journey through a landscape, usually urban, with the ultimate goal simply being to encounter an entirely new and authentic experience. In other words, see something interesting and follow it. You may enter into a whole new understanding of your surroundings. Or you may engage with individuals or groups that widen your worldview and freshen your perspective.

Want a nudge? Break out of your repetitive cycle by using these suggestions and turn your next walk into a meander.

  1. Walk in any direction and look for some kind of interruption. Record it.
  2. Look for a dog and move away from it.
  3. Take a left turn and search for something sweet. Enjoy!
  4. Contemplate the differences between your own street and where you are now. Move west.
  5. Look for someone taking a photograph. Photograph them.
  6. Look down for the next 15 steps (carefully!)
  7. Find a parked sports (or just fancy) car, walk towards where its front wheels are pointing.
  8. Take some form of public transport, getting off after a small number of stops.
  9. Move to the sunny side of the street and stroll. If there’s no sun, imagine some.
  10. Walk south for a few blocks and look for something hand made.

Did you try it? Share your experiences in the comments.


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